Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump Review

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump Review

The Ameda Purely Yours breast pump is a double electric pump model that features a closed design. Because it’s a closed system it’s easier for moms to keep clean and sanitize, which will eliminate the risk of moisture and mold growth that can seep into the motor or tubing. This set comes with the three most common breast flange sizes, a faux leather tote for easy transport, and a Cool and Carry tote that will keep breast milk fresh. This pump is both battery powered and corded and also comes with the patented Ameda bottle system for easier use.

Ameda is a popular brand in the industry. They’re known for their reasonably priced breast pumps, totes, and accessories. And often, moms have found their products to be very user-friendly and designed with user comfort in mind. With this model, there was plenty of mixed feedback in regards to comfort, efficiency, and set up.

While some moms noted that the pump was hard to adjust, others praised the device for its variety of setting options.

This Ameda Purely Yours Review takes a look at their Ultra pack option, which comes equipped with plenty of extras that moms are sure to love.

Purely Yours Breast Pump Overview and Features

When it comes to efficiency, this model can produce about the same amount of milk as other pumps in this price range. However, setting up the pump does take some time. In the beginning, you’ll definitely find yourself double checking the setup instructions.

Comfort wise, some moms felt that the pump was very uncomfortable. The pump features a dial for strength and suction, but many found it difficult to precisely adjust the settings. Reports that the pump tugged on the breasts was the number one user complaint. Additionally, some users also complained of nipple soreness and breast tenderness after use. This discomfort during use can also affect milk production as the user tenses up during the process.

In terms of ease of use, this pump lands in the middle of the road. Mainly, the issue is the longer set up time. Additionally, the dials can be difficult to use accurately and can require a lot of manipulation in order to find the right suction strength. The pump’s unique suction style requires the user to place a lid on the pump’s adapters before connecting them to the tubes.

This pump also weighs in at eight pounds, however, it does come with a custom carry tote that can make lugging it around a little easier. With so many parts, connectors, and tubing, it can be a challenge to fit all of the pump’s supplies and accessories in the included tote.

While the pump features a closed system, many moms felt that the cleaning process was very lengthy given all the components.

If the noise level is a concern, this pump offers quieter than average operation, which makes this model a great choice for moms who typically pump late at night or early in the morning.

Ameda Breast Pump Pros and Cons

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump

Pros: The fact that the pump features a closed system is a huge plus for moms considering it works to significantly cut down on the risks of bacteria and mold growth. This pump is a good option for the working mom or frequent pumper. The double electric design makes it easy to express milk from both breasts at the same time, faster, in a somewhat efficient manner.

The pump is designed to be highly customizable, allowing the user to control the speed of the suction and the intensity.

We recommend purchasing this Ultra pump package instead of the basic Purely Yours package. The basic package comes with the pump only, while the Ultra package comes with plenty of extras including three different sizes of flanges, so you can get the best fit, the tote, the cooler, two extra valves, a car adapter so you can charge the pump on the road, accessory bag for parts, sample pack of nursing pads, sample pack of milk storage bags, three ice packs, the dual Hygenikit milk collection system of bottles, and an instructional DVD.

The many power options make using this pump very convenient if you’re on the go.

Cons: According to some consumers, the many parts, heavy weight, and the longer set up time make this pump difficult to use in the beginning. Additionally, the difficult speed and suction adjustment dials were a major drawback for most moms who complained that the pump was often uncomfortable to use.

Once you get the hang of adjusting the dials the pump can be easier to use, but many moms wish that the pump also included a memory feature which would prevent the need of having to reset the suction and speed settings each and every time. With a more intuitive and easier to use dial adjustment system this pump would have rated better. The initial setup is a problem because it can be complicated and confusing, especially for new moms.  However, we do like that the manufacturer includes an instructional DVD in the package which you can use as a reference if you’re having trouble setting up the system or adjusting it.

If you’re looking for an easier to use breast pump, many moms recommend the Medela Freestyle breast pump, which offers a more intuitive setup and controls.

Purely Yours Breast Pump by Ameda Conclusion and Rating

The Purely Yours Ultra breast pump comes with everything moms need. The closed system is a huge plus because closed systems are easier to clean and sanitize. While highly adjustable, the pump itself requires moms to tweak the settings for every use, and the inability to easily and precisely make the adjustments left many users frustrated. With easier to adjust controls and a more streamlined setup process we feel that this pump has what it takes to rate well with moms. For now, consumers who purchased this model still gave it a great rating of four out of five stars for the accessories, setting options, pricing, durability, and power.

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