Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Review

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Review

The Medela Freestyle breast pump is a daily use double style pump that comes packed with features. This package also comes with a couple of different breast flange sizes, which allows you to get the most comfortable fit and a rechargeable battery pack for moms on the go. According to moms, this is the best Medela breast pump on the market for working moms. However, we found that for first-time moms, using this device takes a little practice. The pump features an innovative design that allows you to move around and get work done around the home thanks to the built-in belt clip. This breast pump is also rechargeable and features a backlit digital display with a timer and memory function.

Clearly, this is a model that’s really popular with moms. So, what makes the Freestyle such a big seller?

Freestyle Breast Pump Overview and Features

To start, not only does this pump allow you to go about your day while pumping discreetly, but this breast pump is packing serious power. Many moms reported that they were able to express milk at a rate that was much faster than average, due to the more powerful motor and the dual design.

Inside the box, you’ll get an extensive accessories package that includes the rechargeable battery pack, two breast shield bodies, one set of tubing, back caps and membranes, user manual, cooling element and cooler bag, carry bag, four five ounce bottles with lids, and two sets of breast shields.

While most moms can agree that this pump is pretty efficient, it’s hard to determine how much milk you can express while you’re moving around considering most moms need to relax and sit down in order to express a larger volume of milk.

Some moms found that the pump’s design had a negative impact on its overall effectiveness.  On the go, it can be incredibly difficult to express a higher volume of milk. Although as you become used to this way of pumping it does get easier.

The hands-free pumping experience is heavily emphasized. It’s designed to allow you to move around and multitask as you pump. But when it comes to ease of use, for many moms using this pump can be hard to adjust to. The process of using the pump involves clipping the pump to your waistband, while the upper portion remains in the bra. There are a number of connections and straps which make the entire set up process a little complicated. The pump has many moving parts, which can be frustrating for some moms, especially for those who pump often.

The pump weighs in at under a pound, making it one of the lightest models on the market. This is a two phase model: expression and stimulation. The pump starts off using the stimulation phase for two minutes or until the let-down button is pressed. It will then switch to the expression phase. If you often pump at the same time each day you can choose to program the timing of the stimulation phase and the vacuum comfort level.

The LED display shows you which suction level you’re currently using, in addition to displaying the time and battery life indicator. If you pump at night, the backlit display is a huge plus.

Medela Breast Pump Pros and Cons

Medela Freestyle Breast PumpPros: This pump is highly portable and comes with an insulated cooler in addition to a tote bag. It also includes a rechargeable battery pack which has a runtime of about six hours. The actual pump is very small, making it easy to store, which is a huge plus if you want to pump on the go.

This model is an open system unit. However, most moms reported they didn’t have any issues with condensation in the tubing, which is a common problem with this type of pump.

Overall, the pump is really easy to take apart and clean. Just keep in mind that most open system models require more cleaning compared to closed system pumps.

This model is designed for the frequent pumper who is searching for a breast pump that allows them to move around. Since it’s a double pump design it’s very efficient when it comes to emptying breasts quickly.  The rechargeable battery is a big plus and perfect for situations in which an outlet isn’t available.

The ability to pump both breasts with this machine is also a huge plus considering the amount of time you can save.

Additionally, moms loved the many features that allow the user to control their pumping experience. This model comes with a total of nine suction levels to choose from, which is impressive considering the average pump only comes with two or three options.

Cons: Many users also reported that this pump can be pretty loud. Some users found the hands-free straps that come with the pump difficult to use. Many moms felt that using a hands-free pumping bra was an easier option.

If you’re short on time, this pump may not be for you. In order to prevent bacteria or mold growth, the pump requires extensive cleaning due to its open design.

Other users noted that if the flanges are not connected correctly this can result in weaker suction.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, moms also recommend the Spectra S1 breast pump.

Freestyle Breast Pump by Medela Conclusion and Rating

The Medela Freestyle breast pump is efficient and portable, but it can be very difficult for new moms to use. It’s also pretty pricey and doesn’t deliver the type of pump experience some moms were hoping for in terms of ease of use. However, the power and efficiency the pump offers make it a suitable choice for working moms in need of a super portable pump. Moms who purchased this model gave it a rating of four out of five stars for size and weight, power, the backlit LCD display and the setting options.

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